Dispatch your articles according to your internet market ano provide the platform to do so ano logistical knowledge with licenses and insurance corresponding to the law of each country, and has all the carriers at national and international level such as FEDEX, UPS, USPS, DHL, among others.

It is a service where the client can dispatch from our headquarters in USA and Colombia.

We carry out market research and analyze where your product may have a participation in points of sale, brokers and large stores. In addition to having routes in the Florida market.



We are interested in your company growing through a good marketing system, videos, photographs and other services that make your online market attractive and we can support it. We have events for brand activation, according to the needs of the client. Platforms with accounts allied to GROUPON, AMAZON, EBAY and other virtual platforms that are located in the United States.
We have personalized and qualified legal advice to offer trademark registration, international contracts and other needs with respect to government licenses.



We have manufacturing contracts in laboratories for all kinds of products and the knowledge for the production of all types of health ano beauty, with licenses and certificates of both INVIMA in COLOMBIA and the FDA in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we support the entrepreneurship of each client and its importance.
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